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    Alexandra Thompson

    Alexandra Thompson is the founder and the leader of BeautyParlor. She is a widely recognized, devoted and passionate beauty artist with a desire to cater to her clients, create outstanding and unique looks, and share her knowledge with the professional community. Her name has become synonymous with beauty, creativity, and elegance.
    Aside from being an accomplished hair stylist and makeup artist, and thanks to her vast experience and out-of-the-box creative vision, Alexandra provides beauty tips to the readers of Glamour Magazine, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and various fashion blogs.

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    Victoria Madison

    As a master stylist for over 15 years, Victoria has been with the BeautyParlor team for more than 7 years. She uses hair as her canvas, bringing a fresh and special approach to create each client's unique beauty. "Hair is my passion and I love the process of transforming someone's appearance from start to finish. I believe that hair is not just an accessory and that beautiful hair completes any look. I feel very lucky to have chosen career that makes me feel like a creative artist. I strive to be honest, patient, and to work hard to deliver a unique experience to every client."

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    Helen Gray

    Helen is an expert hairstylist with more than 9 years of experience who works with our team for the last 3 years. Helen has been involved in the beauty industry for a long time, but she always strives to learn something new! She constantly attends advanced training courses and master classes to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and techniques to deliver the highest quality of work. Helen can guarantee that each and every client will leave her 100% satisfied with their hair. She is very attentive to the customers' needs and knows what exactly they want to achieve.

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    Jane Stone

    Jane has been with the BeautyParlor team for over 5 years. Her passion for hair styling has arisen back in her childhood. Growing up with her mother who was a hairdresser, she was surrounded by everything related to hair and learned much from her. Now she is one of our best hairstylists. Jane constantly trains to keep up with the latest trends and techniques to make sure every client leaves her with a happy smile and totally satisfied! Serving part-time as salon's client relationships representative, Jane knows that each client needs special attention, especially brides waiting for their wedding day. She also provides free consultations to answer any questions our visitors may have.

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    Melanie Collins

    Melanie is a highly trained and certified Makeup Artist with more than 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. She has joined the BeautyParlor team 5 years ago. As a beautiful woman, loving wife, and caring mommy, her goal is to make every woman feel like a queen during her special day. Creating beauty Melanie always uses only the best products from top world’s brands in line with cutting-edge techniques. She strives to deliver a perfect, stunning, and long-lasting makeup for any special occasion. She gives all her love and passion for her work to create a stress-free and enjoyable atmosphere leaving each and every client feeling and looking their best.

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    Jennifer Taylor

    Jennifer is a renown makeup artist who has exceeded in the beauty industry and has been with the BeautyParlor team for over 10 years. Although having a Bachelor's Degree from the OCAD University, Jennifer relies upon her artistic and creative background. She applies products from top brands to perform impeccable and timeless makeups. Having previously worked for both Sephora and MAC Cosmetics, Jennifer has an extensive knowledge of those products and the latest makeup trends and techniques. As a professional makeup artist, Jennifer is committed to providing her clients with their dream appearance to make them feel their best.

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    Michelle Smith

    Michelle has been creating nail art since 1997. This has been her passion throughout the whole life. She grew up in Chicago and moved to New York in 1995 as a CNA working with the old-aged until found that she had a passion for nails and toes. Throughout the years, she has been attending master classes such as gel, acrylic, nail art, infection control, electric file (drill), reflexology, and technique courses. There are many other classes she has also taken. Now Michelle works in BeautyParlor and can ensure every client will receive 100% satisfaction. Your nails are in good hands!

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